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One single source of information

The management of project portfolios where each project manager has its own methodology and tools scatters the information and hinders a global vision of the portfolio.

Concentrate the information using Talaia, along with the use of good practice standards, gives you access to relevant information for a proper project portfolio management. Forget spreadsheets and complex reports.

Talaia is also a great ally in the digital transformation process, helping you to manage and control the process.

Unify the information with common language.

Centralize the information from different projects in the same tool, and structure it according to PMBOK recommendations. Stop wasting your time waiting or building reports.

Real time status projects reports

Avoid unpleasant surprises, take the pulse of your projects and programs. Control the costs, timings, risks, incidents and delays easily improving forecasts and decisions.

Plan, organize and control the progress

Improve your projects planning and proactively control your budgets drifts, resources and times. Get a real-time executive vision of the development of each project.

Full integration with other tools

Talaia integrates with other complementary tools such as Jira, Microsoft Project, Redmine, Alfresco… or any other corporate software to build a global solution.

Investment/Sales management

Manages Sales/Investment Opportunities and approved projects in a central platform.

Registers and updates information related to the investments/sales opportunities (budget, likeliness of occurring, Priority, start and end dates, etc.).

Project management

Covers the entire life cycle, from ideas (such as potential investments) to projects, including the initiation planning, execution and closing phases.

Contrasts the initial planning with the current situation, and provides additional information about the history of the projects (issues, risks, change requests, status reports, etc.).

Assigns team members to project activities and enables them to allocate hours and expenses.

Program management

Creates and manages programs, exploring information on a project and investment level.

Manages projects by program and monitors whether the objectives are balanced with the expected benefits.

Prioritizes projects according to the established objectives and facilitates decision-making when it comes time to implement the projects.

Project portfolio management

An overview of all investments & projects in aggregate form, continuously reporting on their progress and results.

An executive summary of the situation, to facilitate decision-making by top management.

Resource management

Manages resource requests quickly and easily, adapting to the needs of each project.

Oversees the pool of resources and capacity planning, as well as their utilization.

Cost management

Monitors deviations, projections and trends using standard EVM (Earned Value Management).

Establishes the financing plan, the cost performance base line and the economic line items that make up the direct margin of the project.

Compares actual information about collections, payments, costs incurred and completion costs, obtaining updated information on the cost performance to date.

Supplier management

Defines outsourcing to third parties, specifying scope of work and selecting the most appropriate suppliers.

Plans and controls deadlines and payments to suppliers.

Measures the level of satisfaction with the performance of each supplier.

Risk and change management

Manages risks, issues, assumptions and their evolution throughout all stages of the project.

Manages and controls change requests and their impact on the project.

Integration plug-in

The philosophy of TALAIA OpenPPM is to incorporate the applications ecosystem to adapt to your organization and processes.

Deliver on promises, select, plan, control and priorize

A centralized and unified information to manage your Project portfolios, programs and investment. One single source of information to set priorities for better decision making.

Intuitive Planning with a graphic WBS interface

Visualize your projects through a work breakdown structure. Organize project’s scope in work packages and tasks. Link ideas to activities and reach your targets.

Minimize risk, delays and control productivity through EVM

Project delays, over costs, issues? Use EVM to check your projects productivity, gain visibility and overcome problem

Meet the deadlines

Control delivery dates using an interactive Gantt to anticipate delays. Use milestone management with multiple projects target dates.

Plan Resources

Plan workload and optimize your resources. Take the right decisions, assigning the resources according their skills and availability.

 Effort control

Follow up and compare plan versus actual dedication.

Happy Talaia OpenPPM Customers

“Talaia OpenPPM allows us to centralize and monitor the management of our projects in such a way that information on the progress is at all time available to the IT and Business Management. TALAIA OpenPPM allows us to manage the project portfolio in detail, and track it through an executive non technological language.”

Antonio Aracil, Barceló viajes

“We use TALAIA OpenPPM to gain a high level vision, in real time, over programs, projects and services. With TALAIA OpenPPM, IT Project Managers have a complete control over what they and their teams do and, on another hand, proactively forewarn top management over projects progress, delays, milestones, risks and resource requirements.”

Miguel Reynés Massanet, RIU Hotels

“TALAIA greatly helped us to adopt a methodology of work based on PMBOK. Being able to hold a tool that gives information and support our processes following these standards has been key to set up and start the PMO of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria city hall.”


Miguel Quintanilla Eriksson, las palmas de Gran Canaria City hall

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