Prosperity depends on adding value to business

That value is added by systematically implementing new projects, projects of all types, across the organization.

The better those projects are managed, the better and more prosperous will be the business.

Project Management Best Practices


Project Management Standards, for example PMBOK, EVM and ISO 21500, are proven to improving Project Results.

Brickwell Pte Ltd is committed to promote best project management practices by providing Project Portfolio Management tools to make management of projects according to standards easy, flexible and convenient.

PPM Tool


Brickwell Pte Ltd is TALAIA OpenPPM Partner both in Singapore and in Malaysia.

Talaia OpenPPM is an Open Source Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tool which makes the management of projects according to project management standards (PMBOK, EVM & ISO 21500) easy, flexible and convenient.

We supports our Customers and their Project Management Consultants in implementing and improving Best Project Management Practices for business prosperity.

TALAIA OpenPPM – Project Portfolio Management Tool

Single point of structured information of all your ideas and projects

Aligned with Project Management Body of Knowledge

Easy to use

Project Management Training

Competent project managers consistently apply their project management knowledge and personal behaviors to increase the likelihood of delivering projects that meet stakeholders’ requirements.

We help your project managers master Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and get certified as Project Management Professional (PMP) Credential Holder.

Project Management Consulting

Once you have Talaia OpenPPM tool implemented, and you have got your Project Managers trained and certified, you should consider bringing your company’s project management capability to the next level. Our Project Management Consultants are here to help you.

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